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Introduction to Our Electromagnetic Hammer

Mr. Bharat Bhatt has started AMBICA ELECTRICALS in 1998 having a intend to provide a better hammering organism to industry with latest technology and eco friendly. He truly worked hard to design such a mechanical hammer system that is easy to use and saves time, money and efforts.

AMBICA ELECTRICALS offering a unique Hammering System [Electro Magnetic Hammer Machine] that can be used in different industry like: Chemical, Ceramic, Salt, Cement, Dyestuff Industries, Dairy Industries and Pharmaceuticals Industries, Coffee. We are having well skilled and self motivated team that provides a great contentment to our consumer. We are not just manufacturing electromagnetic hammer but rather we are providing Total Solution to our consumer in area of smooth functioning of downside, conveying and collection equipments of system.

Electromagnetic Hammers are rudiments to eliminate the side wall build–up ,agglomeration, bridging on interior surface and discharge plugging of powder in SPRAY DRYING PLANT, CYCLONE SEPARATORS, SILOS, BINS, COAL BUNKER.

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The progression of self ignition in spray Drying Plants can lead to spontaneous detonation.

To avoid this the dried product should be :-

Removed from the plant as fast as it is fabricate OR.
Not be allowed to built up in the plant thickness that enable self ignitions.

Exactly Electromagnetic Hammer provided on Spray Drying cavity help in achieving these above conditions and avoid possibility of self ignition. Also hammers help in smooth functioning of downside, conveying and collections equipment of the systems. There by ensuring no sticking, low losses, low downtime, consistence quality, lump free products and smooth operation.

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